Malaysia National Park

Taman Negara - 3D2N

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Malaysia National Park

  1. Mount Kinabalu Park
  2. Mount Kinabalu 3D2N
  3. Maliau Basin
  4. Maliau Basin 5D4N
  5. Pahang - National Park
  6. Taman Negara 3D2N Schedule..
  7. Pahang - Merapoh
  8. Endau Rampin (Bekok Gate)
  9. Johor - Gunung Ledang
  10. Gunung Mulu National Park
  11. Gunung Mulu Summit Trail.
  12. Headhunter Trail.
  13. Pinnacles trail.
Taman Negara - 3D2N Schedule



Day 1

Welcome to Taman Negara


Gua Telinga Exploration


Lubuk Simpon


Night Jungle Walk



Day 2

Canopy Walk


Teresek View


Rapid Shooting


Visit Orang Asli Kampong.


Taman Negara Slide show



Day 3

Buying souvenir section


Bye see you again



Personal Check list:-

  1. One over 30 little backpack.
  2. Sport shoe.
  3. Raincoat.
  4. Torchlight.
  5. Slippers.
  6. Swimming clothes,
  7. 3 set of clothes.
  8. Sun block.

The Cost include:-

  1. All activities in Taman Negara.(Caving, Canopy walk, Teresek Hill, Visit Orang Asli Village, rapid shooting and night Jungle Walk)
  2. Entrance fee
  3. Camera fee.
  4. Accommodation with air condition 2 person in a room.
  5. Breakfast.
  6. Simple first aid.

The Cost exclude:-

  1. Transport form KL to Taman Negara (MMG can arrange the ticket for participants.)
  2. All meals no stated.
  3. Personal hiking equipment.


MMG can arrange the transport to Taman Negara. 






















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