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Gunung Mulu Summit Trail

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Malaysia National Park

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Gunung Mulu Summit Trail Schedule (6D5N)

Gunung Mulu Summit Trek
The climb to the summit of Gunung Mulu (2,376 m) is the toughest organised trek in the park. It requires a high level of fitness and a sense of adventure. Indeed, Gunung Mulu has always attracted adventurers. In the 19th Century, Spenser St John and Charles Hose, two old 'Borneo hands', attempted to conquer Mount Mulu. They and other explorers and mountaineers failed. It wasn't until the 1920's, when a Berawan rhino hunter named Tama Nilong discovered the 'south-west' ridge, that a way to the summit was found. In 1932, Tama Nilong led Lord Shackleton and an Oxford University Expedition to the summit of Mulu.
Today's trek follows the route discovered in the 1920's. It involves overnight stops at jungle camps and offers a chance to experience the rainforest and perhaps see some rare animals and birds, including various species of Hornbill. The trek is usually done as a 4-day hike, but experienced trekkers can do it in less. A number of wooden huts are positioned along the trail and provide shelter for overnight stops.

Day 1
Deer & Lang Caves - Estimate Time of Arrival 1230hrs
Miri Airport and transfer to Mulu National Park via air. On arrival transfer to your accommodation for check in. In the afternoon, take a scenic 3 km plank walk through primary rainforest to Lang & Deer Caves. At sunset observe spectacular exodus of million of bats leaving the cave. Return to Park HQ by torchlight. Overnight at your accommodation.

Day 2
Mulu - Mulu Summit
At 0730 am, we begin the 12 km trek to Giam Camp (Camp 3) where we stay overnight beside the beautiful waterfalls.

Day 3
An early morning breakfast at 0700 am, prepares us for the 19km trek through secluded forest. We overnight at Lumut Camp (Camp 4)

Day 4
Straight after breakfast, we proceed to the Gunung Mulu Summit for an incredible view across the National Park. We begin our return trip, sleeping overnight at Camp 3.

Day 5
At 0730 am, after breakfast, we complete the last leg of the trek back to the Park Base Camp where a van is waiting to take us back to Mulu.

Day 6
Mulu - Miri - Estimate Time of Departure 1325hrs
After breakfast, transfer (11am) to Mulu airport for flight out, your adventure ends here.


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