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Bario & Kelabit Highlands Adventure trip 5 days 4 nights.

Bario is a Malaysian village located in a remote plateau in the Kelabit Highlands in the Sarawak Region on the island of Borneo, very close to the international border with Indonesian Kalimantan. Bario is about 1000 meters above the sea level and provides and isolated destination for eco-tourism and for experiencing the hospitality of the Kelabit Orang Ulu people. Trekking is the major activity at Bario. It is because of the mountain cooling scenery, different type of flora and fauna, interesting loops to be trekked and lots of edible plants and fruits in the deep forest.

Usually the major trekking places at Bario are Bario loop, Pa’ Kelalan trek, Pa’ Ukat trek, Pa’ Lungan trek, Kalimantan loop, Batu Lawi trek and Mount Mulu trek. Trekking all this places will give the opportunity for trekkers to learn some jungle survivor skills besides enjoying the wildlife.

The major highlights of Bario and Kelabit are:
Murud Mountain – it is considered a holy mountain by the Kelabit people. At 2423 m it is the highest peak in Sarawak. Murud’s first recorded ascent was by the Swedish naturalist Dr. Eric Mjoberg in 1922. Starting from 1985, the mountain served a sacred purpose. Every year, thousand of Christian pilgrims ascend to Church Camp for their retreat.

Batu Lawih – shrouded in local legend are the spectacular twin peaks of Batu Lawi, 2043m, situated on the edge of the mountain chain surrounding the Kelabit Highlands’ plateau. This double peaks stand out dramatically from the surrounding thick jungle. The presence of wildlife such as the Sumatran Rhinoceros and the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia is confirmed here too.

Salt Springs - natural salt springs exist in the highlands enable the people to maintain their salt sufficiency and independence. Once, salt is an important economic item that is, as the barter currency. Salt springs can be found in Pa’ Main, Pa’ Umur or Pa’ Bangar.

Waterfalls - Pa’ Ramapuh Waterfall and Pa Di’it Waterfall are situated in the thick forest. It is worthwhile although the journey might be tough and tiring. There are few breathtaking sites and you might have a chance to have a close look at monkeys and gibbons.

Batu Narit – located at Pa’Umur which is an hour walk from the airport. It is a remnant of the megalithic culture once practiced by the Kelabits. There are isolated boulders scattered across the area, their locations well known and notoriously spirit-haunted. Many of these boulders have been carved with symbols whose meanings are now forgotten, but are believed to commemorate the dead of distant and forgotten times.

Day 1-(Miri to Bario)
Take the morning flight from Miri to Bario.
Upon arrival at bario,will transfer to the lodge and having lunch. After lunch, we take a short walk to experience the life style of the kelabit people while enjoying the scenery around bario itself. Overnight. (L,D.)
Day 2-After brekfast, we trek to pa lungan village which takes 4-5hrs walk. Will stay at a local homestay. Overnight. (B, L, D.)
Day 3-will start trekking from the pa lungan through a primary forests towards Long Repun. Takes about 6-7hrs. We will overnight in the jungle shelter which is made by the local
Hunters from pa lungan and Kalimantan inside pulong tau national park. Along the way, will passing by an ancient kelabit burriel site. Overnight. (B, L, D.)
Day4-From long Repun jungle shelter, we proceed to Ba kelalan which takes approx 7-8hrs trekking. Before we reach ba kelalan, we cross over the border of Kalimantan and passing by
Some villages and military posts in Kalimantan before we get back to ba kelalan. We overnight at the local homestay. (B, L, D.)
Day5-(Ba Kelalan to Miri)
After breakfast. We transfer to the airport for a flight back from ba kelalan to miri. (B). Tour Ends.

** Noted – This Kelabit Highland most of the place is above 1,000 meter to 2,500meter high te weather is cold so need o prepare enough warm clothes. The temperature from 7 Celsius to 30 Celsius.

Price is included:
1. Airport transfer.
2. Accommodation.
3. All meals stated in the schedule.
4. Guide.

Price is excluded:-
1. Personal Hiking Equipment.
2. Flight ticket from Miri to Bario and Bario to Ba Kelalan.
3. Personal Medication.
4. Insurance.
5. Porter.

Personal Checklist:-
1. Hiking Shoe.
2. Raincoat.
3. Shower kit.
4. Sun hat.
5. Sock.
6. Hiking clothes prefer quick dry.
7. Personal medication.
8. Tips
9. Passport.
10. Normal sleeping bag.
11. Towel.
12. Clothes for 5 days 4 nights.
13. Toiletries
14. Trekking Poles
15. Water bottle
16. Sun block.


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