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Mountain Goal Adevnture Activities:-

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Absolute Shangri-La Trek: Lugu Lake & Yading Trekking - 14 Days

Trip Introduction

Absolute Shangri-La Trek: From Lugu Lake to Yading Nature Reserve, this trekking adventure brings wonderful images of Shambhala in Southwest China at eastern Himalayas with both multi-culture elements and isolated paradise awaits. Do come to experience this classic trip.

Additional Information
Best Season Apr to Oct
Altitude 4400 meter

Day 01
Lijiang - Lugu Lake

Drive from the ancient town of Lijiang to Lugu Lake. Lugu Lake is where we start our trekking trip to Yading. This Lugu Lake part can be arranged upon request.(Hotel)

Day 02
Lijiaju - Wojo

A morning ride from the lake to our trekking starting point to start a gentle walk day to acclimatize. Our trek starts in the ethnical Mongol-Mosuo village where we meet our porter team. People live in this village are claimed to be offspring of Mongol soldiers 800 hundred years ago when Kublai Khan's troop invaded Yunnan. While the Mosuo people are older hibitants in this area known by their matriarchy system around Lugu Lake. But both of the ethnic groups have been under Tibetan influence on conventions and architecture. From here we walk into the Sichuan Province. Cross the forest covered gradual rolling lands we meet the other village called Wojo, which is our camp spot today. Enjoy the multi-ethnic country views the whole day. Optional Family or school visit upon arrival in Wojo. (Est. 4 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 03
Wojo - Yangpeng

Follow the dirt vehicular road in Wojo, today we continue our trek by the side of a stream. Have close look of the local ethnic families once in a while before we dive into the forest and ascend. Today we pass the "Leech part" of our journey before reach our campsite. Good forest views today. During rainy season, large amount of leeches can be found along the trail. Humans and horses suffer a little blood loss in the humid forest. Be careful of where you sit and take good cover when in the "leech part". In the afternoon we ascend above 3000 meters and campsite is at around 3400 meters. (Est. 5 hours)(B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 04
Yangpeng - Kar Ranch

After breakfast we set off to meet our first major ascent in this whole trekking trip. Walk on the vehicular road again before traverse on to the small trail. It is a quite road that one can even heard sound of tinkling stream from nowhere. Open views all the way up to the Dorkgudho Pass at an elevation of 4200 meters where we enjoy a panoramic view of the vast forest and hidden villages and trails we have covered the previous days. Descend to the Kar Ranch after a photo break at the pass. Kar Ranch is at the junction of two small streams where a row of wooden houses tucked together erected by local herdsmen as shelter. Lush bushes and rocky faces are plenty at the Ranch. A long day walking ends up at the Hengduan Mountain highland in southeast Sichuan. Try to avoid getting a cold as wind is strong especially at night. (Est. 8 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 05
Kar Ranch - Tars

Wake up in the cold wind. Weather changes dramatically at this altitude therefore a sudden snowfall or rainfall is possible. This day we start with a strenuous ascent traversing the mountain ridge to the other pass, the Quer Pass. No forest but short scrubs and raw rocks everywhere. We can also enjoy good views especially in a sunny day. The other pass at 4200 meters but it is not steep. A clearer and neater valley view is provided in front of us when crossing the Quer Pass. With meadows in the button, forest middle and then the rocky mountains at above, this open valley is very beautiful. It is called Tars Valley. Descend 200 meters and camp on an open field. (Est. 7 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 06
Tars Valley - Chongyin Village

This is a whole day trek in the forest first on the gradual slopes and then descend to a small, isolated village called Qiongyin(Chongyin). Enjoy rhododendron jungles along the trail and encounter a couple of grass patches amongst the dense forest. No habitations can be found here but possibly one or two trekking groups will meet us on the secluded trail. Qiongyin village is at the river bank down in the valley. It has elements of a typical Shangri-La style: pasturing animals, green meadow, winding stream, Tibetan houses. This is a village as primitive as the forest we have just gone through. Be prepared for the possible stares from the local people especially children as not many visitors have been to this place and also be careful of the Tibetan dogs in the village. (Est. 6 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 07
Chongyin - Lhodo

Another major ascent today from Qiongyin village. Total elevation gain is around 1000 meters following the trail behind this village. Steep at first and then primitive forest where big trees and hanging moss are everywhere. Reach the top, Qiongyin Pass, and have open views of the mountains in the distance. Peaceful forest before descent into a vehicular road zigzaging down to the deep bottom of the Tongtian River. Our campsite is near Lhodo village, another small village on halfway towards the buttom of the valley. Good views of the rocky mountains at campsite. (Est. 8 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping or hostel)

Day 08
Lhodo - Dulu

Today we follow the winding road down from Lodho to the raging Tongtian River which is a muddy river with dirts. From the bridge we see more villages along the valley. Inscriptions on the mani stones tell that these are Tibetan villages while some of them are actually Pumi or Yi people but have accepted the same religion of Tibetan Buddhism. People here are usually hospitable; we may get a chance to be a guest in one of the families here. Watch out for dogs when passing through the village. Camp or homestay in an local family in Dulu village where we have views of the Tongtian Gorge and a taste of Tibetan lifestyle manifested by huge mountains, prayer flags (or wind-horse flags) and mani stones. En route an optional visit to a primary school in Donla village. But be noticed that this gorge used to be(and still are) are place for gold mining, local people may have a reserved manner towards visitors (Est. 7 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 09
Dulu - Galo

Go on our journey along the gorge before reach the "gold mine". It is also called "Jinkuang" (Chinese). It used to be a lush gold mine years ago but has been exploited by years of mining. Houses left unattended at the bank of the river were used as their hibitats during the former thriving gold-rush. But still some have left to find the less and less gold left here. Another interesting thing is people in the villages beside Tongtian River all like to wear an army cap(usually the one used by the Chinese Red Army with a red star in the middle), which is possibly a tradition left by the red army when they reach here in the 1930s. Later we cross a whitewater stream and climb up to today's campsite near the village of Galo. This clear whitewater branch is called "Baishuihe" where we can get our first glance of the Chenadorje peak. Camp on the open meadow outside of Galo and watch the sunset here with farm terrace and mountain views after dinner. (Est. 6 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 10
Galo - Chenadorje Ranch

Today we begin our third rise which is also the hardest one. Climbing up into the forest of rhodrodendron and meet pasturing yaks among the bushes. Elevation reach 4000 meters when forest replaced by scrubs along the trail. In a sunny day, we have good views under the blue sky. Chenadorje peak appears when we cross over the Galo Pass. Chenadorje is one of the three sacred mountains in Yading rising to 5958 meters high. It is, religiously, the Vajrapani, protector of Buddha, believed to be good-looking, brave and vigorous. This sacred mountain is crystal-like with perfect outlines. Today we camp at Chenadorje Ranch, a ranch with snow mountains and rocks instead of green forest in all direction. At the altitude of 4400 meters, be careful of the strong wind and coldness. (Est. 8 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 11
Chenadorje Ranch - Chenadorje Camp

Meet our new porter team today. Wake up to have the "Golden top" view on the snow mountains. Peaceful and wakening ranch in the morning is very beatuiful. Set off to climb the 4900 meters Chenadorje Pass soon after the campsite. Be aware of the strong wind at the pass. Great views of Chenrezig Peak from east at the pass and also great views of the valley down in Yading Reserve. From the pass down is the Yading Reserve -a place that is called Shangri-La by many. Stopover camp at Chenadorje Camp for another night. (From Chenadorje Ranch until our journey ends we can do it in either one day or two depending on weather and health condition. A late departure for two days and an early departure for just one day.) (Est. 4 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 12
Chenadorje Camp - Daocheng

From Chenadorje Camp to Yading we walk all the way down passing through peaceful forest and rustling streams. One bend after another in the dense forest until we walk through the flat meadow at Chonggu Gompa and then further down to Yading village, where the name Yading Reserve comes from, a village widely claimed to be the "Last Shangri-La". Meet our transfer to Daocheng County for an overnight/ (Est. 5 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 13
Daocheng - Xinduqiao

From Daocheng we drive eastward to Xinduqiao on National Highway 318. Overnight at the small Tibetan Town of Xinduqiao. (B,L,D) (Hostel)

Day 14
Xinduqiao - Chengdu

Head Back to Chengdu from Xinduaio via Kangding and Ya'an. Arrive in Chengdu and check in hotel. Your Absolute Shangri-La Trekking trip ends. (B)



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