MMG Team Building
• Liven up boring meetings
• Encourage creative thinking and imagination
• Raise sagging morale in a department
• Create a conference breakout session
• Improve communication
• Revitalize a one team philosophy
• Have fun within the work group
• Encourage members to work together and explore the dimensions of teamwork
  Team Building ?
• Have Fun
• Develop Trust and Support
• Overcome Fear
• Improve Communication
• Reinforce Problem Solving
• Boost Productivity
• Strengthen Camaraderie
• Improve Health
  Do you need to :
• Identify your teams strengths and weaknesses?
• Increase productivity and efficiency?
• Improve the way your team members interact?
• Improve their ability to solve problems?
• Improve morale?
• Improve your managerial and leadership skills?
• Clearly define objective and goals?
• Improve support and trust levels among employees?
• Develop healthy inter-group relations?
• Reduce unhealthy conflict?
• Reduce stress in your workplace?
  An exercise to improve motivation, cohesiveness and productivity in your group.
• Tap into the hidden potential of your people
• Find the barriers that thwart creativity
• Achieve goal congruence
• Improve processes, procedures and humanize control systems
• Get your people to work TOGETHER!
• Get to the root problem holding back team development in your organization now.
• Improve organizational productivity.
• Improve job security
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