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Kham Trek-Mt.Yala in the Mist - 6 Days

Trip Introduction

A short trekking trip to the Hengduan alpine valleys in the Eastern Tibetan Kham of western Sichuan. Guided trek from Kangding by our guide, walk on off-the-beaten path, encounter the elegant Mt. Yala from the back while enjoying a well-paced trekking trip. From the wild nature to the hometown of Qiangic People and Stone Fortress in Danba.

Additional Information
Best Season Apr to Oct
Altitude 4100 meter

Day 01
Kangding Arrival

Arrive in Kangding(Dartsedo or generally Gartse), the frontier town to Tibet. Check in hotel and a little warm-up walk in the town to acclimatize.(Hotel)

Day 02
Kangding - Zhonggu

Kangding is a Tibetan town though Chinese and Chinese constructions. It is good to have a morning walk along the Tsedo River to have a look of the local life here. After a last minute's shopping, we transfer to Zhonggu, our trekking starting point, a small village 30 kilometers north to Kangding in a relatively remote valley. Optional sightseeing to a natural lake named Mugetso en route will take another 3 to 4 hours to visit. While in Zhonggu, we accommodate ourselves in a guesthouse owned by local Tibetans and we meet our porter team. Have a visit to the primary school next door if we travel during school season or have an acclimatization walk in the small village.(B) (Guesthouse)

Day 03
Zhonggu - Shidetzi

Walk on the village road after departure and gradually ascent into forest on sometimes a muddy trail. This trail was used by caravans in ancient times for tea and horse trade between Kangding and Danba. Rest once in a while in the greenery to accustom ourselves into a proper pace. Camp at a spacious meadow where alpine terrains on both sides offering excellent views. (approx 5 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 04
Shidetzi - Yak Meadow

Today is in a rather loose pace as we continue up mildly. With wider views of this Langma Valley, black spot-like yaks pasturing up there on halfway of the mountains. During summer time, the mountains come alive with colorful flowers and blooming bushes. In a sunny day, this valley provides clear views with sky extremely blue and cloud snowy white. We reach our campsite which is also a greenery meadow beside a mountain slope. Pasturing yaks are around but not to be afraid of them as yaks are generally mild. Make sure keep salt-smelled stuff covered up because yaks like them and may approach abruptly.(approx 4 hours) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 05
Yak Meadow - Danba

In the morning have breakfast prepared by our cook. This morning we ascend to a mountain pass of elevation about 4100 meters. Earning a panoramic view of the Langma Valley we have walked though at the top of the pass. Down we meet the glacier-covered peak of Mt. Yala. Seldom visited spot as it is, this mountain has a fame of unsummitable. Many expedition teams have tried to summit from as early as 1999 but none succeed due to unfavorable weather condition and its steepness though Mt. Yala is not very high compare to other peaks on Tibetan Plateau: itself a height of 5820 meters. Keep trekking to Taila Valley, passing small Tibetan settlements encounter a group of Tibetan cowboys possibly. Condition underfoot becomes better until we get to our trekking terminal where we transfer to Danba and a hotel for overnight.(approx 6 hours) (B,L) (Hotel)

Day 06
Danba Departure

Our service ends this morning. Continue your trip or ride back to Chengdu.


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