Sichuan (China)

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Mountain Goal Adevnture Activities:-

1. Mountaineering

2. Waterfall.

3. Rock Climbing.

4. Caving

5. Teambuilding.

6. Scuba Diving.

7. Water Rafting.



Mount Emei Hiking - 4 Days

Trip Introduction

Mount Emei, or Emei Shan, a listed World Nature and Culture Heritage, boasts for its rich species of plants, vegetation from bottom to top varies largely. Emeishan is also one of the four Great Buddhists Shrines of China, consisting 26 temples of Buddha Samantabhadra. Follow us to have a trekking travel to the Buddhist shrine in China west.

Additional Information
Best Season Whole Year

Day 01
Chengdu - Emei

Train travel in the afternoon from Chengdu to Emei town takes about 2 hours. Train is the regular By used by most Chinese people. Get a close look of Chinese while on the train. Arrive in Emei town and transfer to your hotel. Prepare to walk the next morning.(Hotel)

Day 02
Qingyin Pavilion - Elephant Bathing Pool

We start from the Entrance of Mount Emei at Baoguosi and transfer to our trekking start point at Wuxiangang where the road ends. We gradually ascend by following the stone steps and wooden bridges made for visitors and pilgrims. Meet the monkeys after a short walk over Qingyin Pavilion. Be careful of the monkeys which have been spoiled too much by tourists. Reach the 99 switchbacks after Hongchunping, a major Buddhists temple on Mount Emei. Be prepared for the steep steps at 99 switchbacks: it is zigzagging all the way up. Arrive in another temple named Xianfeng. Continue our walk through forest of Dove trees and Primula before we reach Elephant Bathing Pool, our overnight stop to the top. (Approx 7 hours) (B,L,D) (Guesthouse)

Day 03
Elephant Bathing Pool - Golden Top - Leshan

An early start into the rhododendra forest(blooming in April and May) after we set out from Elephant Bathing Pool. Views become more primitive and trees become higher and older. Meet the deep gorge on the left when we reach Leidongping, a traffic terminal to Mount Emei, from where a vehicular road winding down towards northeast to the bottom. After Leidongping is the cable car station, optional cable riding to the top while the walking may take up to 1 hour. At the Golden Top of Mount Emei is time for temple visits and photos. Walk to the many sacred sites at the top and enjoy the views from the top of Mount Emei. After the visits we walk back Leidongping and catch a bus down to the bottom and transfer to the city of Leshan, where the Giant Stone Buddha sits by the riverside. (Approx 8 hours) (B)(Hotel)

Day 04
Leshan - Chengdu

During Tourist seasons, there may be many people visiting the Giant Buddha. We have to get to the Giant Buddha entrance early in the morning to avoid possible lining up and wait for 3 or 4 hours(it is a single file trail around the Giant Buddha). A little walk before we see the Buddha after we check in. Walk down the zigzagging stone stairs from north to the bottom at the foot of the 71 meters high, 1200 year's old stone Buddha of Maitreya. Camera time before we walk southward up to the park, the tourist spot with temples and galleries enclosed with the Giant Stone Buddha. Spend some leisure time in the park before we transfer back to Chengdu on vehicle.(B)


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