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Mountain Goal Adevnture Activities:-

1. Mountaineering

2. Waterfall.

3. Rock Climbing.

4. Caving

5. Teambuilding.

6. Scuba Diving.

7. Water Rafting.



Genyen Trekking - 12 Days

Trip Introduction

Mount Genyen is a Tibetan sacred mountain in western Sichuan Province of China situated in the valleys of Tibetan Kham. It has stunning alpine views with grassland, snow-caped mountains and pristine forest. Our Mount Genyen Trekking adventure leads you into the back-country Tibetan villages and pastures in the Genyen Mountain. Meet authentic Tibetan nomads people while enjoying the original natural beauty.

Additional Information
Best Season Apr to Oct
Altitude 4600 meter

Day 01
Chengdu - Xinduqiao

Ride from Chengdu in the morning heading westward into the mountains. Pass Kanding where we get our first view of Tibetan Kham. Arrive in the picturesque town of Xinduqiao and accommodate in one of the Tibetan Style hostels.(Hostel)

Day 02
Xinduqiao - Litang

Continue our riding from Xinduqiao towards Litang en route crossing over mountains passes at the altitude over 4600 meters. Embrace the highland of both natural wonders and old history. Arrive in Litang and cruise the streets. Litang, or Lithang, the small town in western Sichuan in the Tibetan Kham region, boasts for its high altitude which is over 4000 meters, making it one of the highest town in the world. Lithang is reputed as "Pearl on the Grassland", "Shrine of the Snowland" and "Highest city in China". Overnight in hostel and acclimatize.(B) (Hostel)

Day 03
Litang - Zhamla - Ligando

After a last minute shopping, we have a short ride from the town to our trekking start point at Zhamla, a small Tibetan village 80km south to Litang. From Zhamla we start our Mount Genyen Trekking expedition in the river valley. Gradual ascent for about two hours before the village of Ligando comes into our view. Ligando is a "pure village at the foot of the Holy Mountain". Constructions are in a pleasant order and painted with religious praphics. In this beautiful village we can also see some Tibetan kids running and lingering around. Warm-up walking day ends in Ligando and camp on the meadow near the river. (Approx 3h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 04
Ligando - Thapathang

Elevation keeps rising up grandually as we walk towards Mount Genyen in the valley out of Ligando this morning. Great alpine views all the way to Thapathang. Excursion to the Nigong Monastery in the Gamula Valley. This Nigong Monastery is one of the oldest Karmapa Monasteries in Tibetan regions. It was first built in 1164AD and was worshiped by many Tibetans. It is located at the heart of Mount Genyen in the Gamula Valley east to the peak of Genyen. With grey walls and red roofs, it stands at an elevation of 4150 meters, Nigong Monastery is rarely known by the outside and it is a meditation place for Tibetan monks and a pilgrimage destination of Mount Genyen. One can have great views in front of this monastery. After the visit we retrace our track to Thapathang campsite. (Approx 7h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 05
Thapathang - Retti

After camera time at Thapathang we set out to retrace a small section of the trail we covered yesterday and trek westward. Meadows after forest and then villages. Splendid spectacle of Mount Genyen and the many other snow-capped mountains. All day walking in the alpine river valley and gentle ascent until we reach our campsite at Retti. (Approx 8h) ) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 06
Retti - Pomi

Follow the indistinct trail we ascent to the mountain pass at elevation of 4460 meters. With Genyen Mountains at our back and the deep valley at front, we rest at the top and have a long camera break. Prepare for the strenuous descent after the pass. Plants are various as we descend. Arrive in Pomi in the afternoon and camp over night. Pomi is a typical Tibetan community. It is of very old and authentic style of Tibetan. Walk in the village and optional family visit when available. (Approx 5h) ) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 07
Pomi - Dasaton

Have the views of indigenous Tibetan village in the morning before we continue our trekking. Today we climb over another mountain pass(Latokha Pass) at the rise of 4380 meters. Pristine views in the valley that few have visited and known. We dive into the Dasaton Valley. Forest after meadow and then a village. This place is hardly known by outside yet it harbors one of the most beautiful alpine views in Kham. (Approx 7h) ) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 08
Dasaton - Dashig Camp

It is a long day today. Follow the track in the valley along the river. We keep having great views in this alpine valley. And not only the natural scenery but also the white stupas built on the hill side can be the highlights. We may also see some wild animals during our trekking. Camp at the small river conjunction at Dashig Camp. (Approx 7h) ) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 09
Dashig Camp - Anjor Camp

Today is another long day. Head east to pass over our last mountain pass at the elevation of 4450 metres. Descend for anther 3 hours to our today's campsite on a patch of small meadow by the river side at Anjor Camp. (Approx 8h) ) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 10
Anjor Camp - Maoya Grassland - Litang

Follow the river we embark on our last day's trekking on the Maoya Grassland. Maoya Grassland is one of the major known attractions near Litang. It is a giant patch of green meadow on the road side of G318(National Highway 318 in China). We can see the wraggling streams flow through the pasturing yaks and blooming wild flowers. At its surroundings are 4000+ snow mountains, making it more vast and good for picture-taking. Say goodbye to our porter team and transfer to Litang. (Approx 8)(B)(Hostel)

Day 11
Litang - Kangding

A morning visit to Choekhorling Monastery, an over 400 years old Gelugpa Monastery in Tibetan Kham of Litang(Lithang). It is one of the most important monasteries in Kham. It is located at the northern suburb of Litang on a mountain side. Its massive complex of construction and delicate architectural technology make itself famous in northern Kham. As most of the other monasteries, it is also a collection of art works including pagodas, statues and many Tibetan books. Its sublime architecture and time-honored sacredness are known by the Kham Tibetans. After the visit we ride to Kangding, the frontier town of Tibet. Optional hot spring bath in Kangding.(B)(Hostel)

Day 12
Kangding - Chengdu

Head back to Chengdu. Arrive your hotel and check in. Your Mount Genyen Trekking trip ends.(B)


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