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Chola Mountain Trekking - 16 Days

Trip Introduction

Explore the ancient kingdom of Derge of Tibetan Kham through this Chola Mountain Trekking trip: Not only alpine views of snow mountains of Chola and idyllic remote villages but also very old monasteries and pious Tibetan belief are all encompassed in this 16 days adventure trek in the Chola Mountain Epic.

Additional Information
Best Season Apr to Oct
Altitude 5000 meter

Day 01

Ride westward from Chengdu via Dujiangyan and xiaojin to Danba(Rongzhag) in the morning and arrive in the afternoon and visit the stone towers village. Total 350km.(Hostel)

Day 02

Second day on vehicle, we head to Luhuo from Danba via Dawu(Daofu). Arrive in Luhuo after a 240km's riding.(B)(Hostel)

Day 03
Luhuo-Manigango-Yihun Lhatso

In the morning we head to Manigango en route Garze(Ganzi) County and a visit to the monastery if available. Arrive in Manigango and have our last minute shop before we arrive at Yihun Lhatso where we camp overnight. Manigango is a single-street town at the edge of grassland near Chola Mountain. It is a typical Tibetan town in west Sichuan. It was already an important transfer and post station where the caravan fleets stop since the establishment of "Tea-Horse Road" in ancient times. It is considered another cowboy town on the Tibetan Plateau where we may see Khampas riding horses or motorcycles flashing by or drinking gatherings in one of the Tibetan wooden houses. It is good to enjoy the atmosphere: giant dogs wondering in the street and fresh yak meat being put out selling in the shops.(D) (Camping)

Day 04
Yihun Lhatso-Thitso

Today we start our trek at Yihun Lhatso. Yihun Lhatso(Xinluhai) is the turquoise lake north to the Chola Mountain. Elevation 4040 meters with three sides surrounded by snow mountains and the north by the side of national highway of 317. Wild flowers blooming by the side of the lake, stones carved with om mani padme hum, forest stretching to the distance to the foot of the snow mountains: Yihun Lhatso provides a beautiful Tibetan alpine view in the deep mountains in western Sichuan of Kham. We walk south in the valley and ascend gradually until we reach our campsite by the side of a small highland lake named Thitso(Dzongla Lake). (Approx 6h)) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 05

It is a tough day. We asecnd for 700 meters after set out and reach 5000 meters at Dzen-la Pass before we descend for another 700 meters to the bottom of the Tingchu River valley. At the mountain ridge, we have panoramic spectacle of snow-covered Chola Mountains and stretching alpine valleys. Camp by the river side in Tingchu River valley. Explore the hot springs nearby and an soak in the hot spring if available. (Approx 7h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 06

We trek southward along the river valley. Along the valley in Amulha, we have great alpine views of pristine rhododendron forest and cedar. Reach our campsite in Amulha in the afternoon. (Approx 4h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 07

Continue walk along the river flow and pass Nawuchin before we reach Chusha. Pass Tibetan settlement and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. In the afternoon we climb over a mountain ridge before we reach our campsite by Longgang at the elevation of 3860 meters. (Approx 7h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 08
Longgang-Dzongsar Monastery

Descend from Longgang along the flowing stream and reach Yoba, a small Tibetan town in the valley. Optional excursion to the village. After Yoba we follow the vehicular road to Mesho and camp near the Dzongsar Monastery. Visit Dzongsar Monastery after arrival(or in the following morning) and wonder around this back-country community. Dzongsar Monastery is a Sakya monastery in Dege County first built in 746AD and destroyed in 1958. (Approx 7h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 09
Dzongsar Monastery-Kadhe

An easy day on trek, we have time visiting the Tibetan monastery and community in the morning. Head eastward into the valley and camp at Kadhe Camp. Gentle ascent from 3600 meters to 4000 meters. (Approx 4h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 10
Kadhe-Palpung Monastery

Today is a long day. We start at Kadhe Camp and ascend to the 4520 meters' Hala Pass and descend about 700 meters to Palpung country. Great views of the snow mountains and alpine valleys at the Hala Pass. Meet Tibetan nomads people during pasturing season. Camp near the village of Palpung by the riverside. (Approx 8h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 11
Palpung Monastery-Kardi

Visit Palpung Monastery in the morning after we set out. Palpung Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhists' monastery first established in 1729 in Qing Dynasty. A big monastery in this back-country valley southeast to the town of Dege(Derge). It was built on a mountain platform in the alpine valley. Constructions of Palpung Monastery are immense. Palpung is famous for its knowledge of medicine and painting. Many great Tibetan painters are from here. It is also a collection of precious paintings and dirt statue. After our visit, we continue walking to the mountain ridge of Go-se-la at an elevation of 4560 meters. Over the ridge we walk for another 2 hours and camp at Kardi for overnight. (Approx 6h) (B,L,D) (Camping)

Day 12
Kardi-Gon Gyeshin-Dege

Last day on trek we cover steep descent after we set out. Walk on the mount ridge and dive into the valley before we reach the highway where we get picked up by our vehicle. Say goodbye to our porter team and transfer to Dege County(Derge). Check in the hotel in Derge, an old town situated in the valley in west Sichuan mountain area first bloomed during Tang Dynasty in 800AD when the "Tea-Horse Road" was established. It is one of the three cultural centers of the whole Tibetan Region(the other two being Lhasa of Tibet and Labrang of Gansu Province). It is home to many masters of Tibetan Medicine and the biggest sutra printing center - the Derge Parkhang. It is also home of ancient Kham of Tibet and many important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. (Approx 6h) (B) (Hostel)

Day 13

One day in Derge. We visit the Derge Parkhang, Derge Sutra Printing Temple, the institution printing and preserve Tibetan Literature and Buddhist's works. It is an important cultural and historical centre in Tibet. It is renowned as "the encyclopedia of Tibetan culture" or "Cultural pearl at the foot of Snow Mountain". Books and sutras are printed everyday. Hand-made woodblocks and cinnabar are used in the printing process. The Parkhang is also regarded as a sacred site by Tibetan Buddhists. Groups of Buddhists would be doing a temple kora from morning till evening everyday. Rest afterwards or optional visit to Gonchen Monastery or Derge Monastery, one of the mother monasteries of the Sakya Sect in Tibetan Buddhism famous for Saman dancing. (B) (Hostel)

Day 14

Today we drive from Derge to Xinlong covering total 310km. Overnight in hotel in Xinlong. (B) (Hostel)

Day 15

Continue our drive from Xinlong to Xinduqiao. Overnight in Xinduqiao. (B) (Hostel)

Day 16

Drive back to Chengdu, Chola Mountain Trekking trip ends.(B)


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