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Mountain Goal Adevnture Activities:-

1. Mountaineering

2. Waterfall.

3. Rock Climbing.

4. Caving

5. Teambuilding.

6. Scuba Diving.

7. Water Rafting.



MMt. Phoneyin, 4282 m, Putao, Kachin State 13850

Day 1. Arrival at Putao
In the early morning, fly to putao. Arrive at Putao and transfer to hotel by jeep.
lunch at a restaurant and visit near by a village. And also you will meet our hiking group in the late afternoon and prepare for our long trekking and hiking trip to Mt. Phangran . It is 4127 m from see level, about 55 miles from Putao and lines on the border of Myanmar and India. In the evening, visit a village. Dinner at restaurant and over night stay at Putao.

Day 2. Putao - Shangaung - Wasandum
Visit morning colorful market. After breakfast at restaurant, proceed to upper Shanghaiing village (10 miles, approx 1 hour) by jeep. We will leave our jeep at that village and start our trekking in the forest mountains. It will be about 7 hours and trek over the Mt. Shangaung, 4600 feet (1400 meters). In the evening, arrive at warsandun village for a night stop. It is a small village and lines on the bank of Namlan river. In the even take a bath and enjoy the sunset on the river. Dinner and over night at Wasandum village.

Day3 Wasandum - Awadum - Ziyadum
After breakfast, we stat trek again to our destination, Ziyadum village. It is about 1050 m from the sea level and 9 miles from Wasandum village for 5 hours trekking, mostly one the flat area. Easy trekking in the forest and along the Namlang creek. Lunch on the way. On the way, visit Awadum Lizu village. In the late afternoon, arrive at Ziyardum village. It is the last Rawan village on the west-north of Putao. It on the bank of the Ziyar river and among the ever green forest mountain. And also it is the village on our trekking and we need to arrange for our adventure trekking for next day. In the evening, take a rest and photos discovery along the Ziyar river and enjoy the sunset. Dinner and over night at a local house in Ziyar village.

Day 4 Ziyadum - Camp I 4900 ft - Camp II 8000ft
Start our adventure trekking in the evergreen forest. Mostly we will trek in the forest along the Phangran river. It will be 3 or 4 time walk along the river and some time we have to cross the river for 4 times. The most difficultly is trekking on the stone and huge rock in the river. If water level is higher than normal, we have to clime the rocky cliff in the forest. Lunch will be at camp I with lunch box. After lunch, take a tea and proceed to our destination camp II. In the evening, we will be camp II. Take your time for relax and photos. Camp II is just on the bank on the river and good view to take the picture. If weather is fine, you can get the good picture of snowcap mountain among the ever green forest. Dinner and overnight at Cam II. It's 1600 m from the sea level.

Day 5 Camp II - Camp III (Camp ) 10000ft
In the morning, enjoy scenery of beautiful morning with sweet bird's calls in deep the deep forest. After breakfast, continue to camp III, 5 hours trekking distance from camp II. It will be difficult for hiking on the forest mountain. The water is more cold and cold. We will stop at camp III for one night stop. It is on the top of the rocky mountain. Dinner and over night at Camp III.

Day 6 Camp III - Camp IV 12300ft Stone cave
After breakfast, start hiking again. It will be on the rocky cliff. After about 6 hours trekking, we will stop for a night at camp IV. It is on the top the snow cap mountains. It's a good photo point and easy to find the mountain goad, tarkin and some trogopans and many rare birds species. In the evening, it will be paradise if weather is fine. Dinner and overnight at camp IV.

Day 7 Camp IV – Top of the Mt. Phoneyin 13850ft– Camp IV
After breakfast, start our hiking on the deep slop cliff or may be on the snow. It's up to the weather. It will be hard hiking to the summit. After take a rest on the top of the Mt, Phoneyin, It is the best view to take a picture of Mt.Phragram and famous Mt.Phonegan. After your victory, trek down to the based camp IV. It's is snow cap area and 3700 m from the sea level. We can see the top of the Mt. Phangran and snowcap mountain range along Myanmar and India border. Dinner and over night at snow cap based camp.

Day 8 Base camp - Summit Mt. Phangran - Camp IV
We will start our adventure hiking to the top of the Mt.Phangran, 4127m with sunrise. It will be about 3 hour hiking on the snow cup mountain and pass through a narrow rocky cliff of the peak. If weather is fine, you will be on the summit. It is a really adventure trip and will be icy and snow rain at the top of the mountain if it not sunshine. It is a challenge with weather conditional. At the top of the mountain, try to take some record photos and relax by taking a tea or coffee for half an hour and clime down to the base camp for one and half hour. At the base camp, have our lunch and trek back to camp IV. In the evening, we will be on the valley of snow cap mountain again. Dinner and over night at there.

Day 9 Camp IV - Camp II
After sunrise, breakfast and leave our camp IV. Trekking on the stones again and back to camp II, approx 9 hour on the rocky river. In this day, we will pass the icy water river for more than 10 times. We will have our lunch, at camp III. You should take your time for your photos stops on the way back. We will stop at Camp II for one more night. Dinner and over night at there.

Day 10 Camp II - Ziyadum
The way to Ziyadum village is easy in spite of the walk on the stones for about three hours. Lunch will be at the destination where taking leisure in the evening time serves an excellent moment of relaxation for all of our used energy.

Day 11. Ziyadum - Kharlan - Wasundum
Acquire pleasure from the easy trek (9 miles) as well as the photo stops after commencing your walk toward the destined Kharlan Village, a small and pleasant Rawan village having the background of the dense forested mountain. The enjoyable experience will be continued by the time of crossing a small traditional rattan suspension bridge, whilst back from the village, observing the nature and culture of it. Lunch at Awadun Lizu village and arrive at Wasundum Village in the evening to grasp the pleasant moment of sunset at Nantu River.

Day 12. Wasundum - Shangaung
Taking lunch box, trekking up again to the top of Mt. Shangaung, 1600m above sea level, introduces the morning with a touch of the splendor of the nature. We will be in Shangaung village, one of the biggest villages in the vicinity of Putao with about 2000 villagers, mainly Rawans and Lizus, again after 12 mile trek. Evening sightseeing around the village is to contact their cultures.

Day 13. Shangaung - Putao
The jeep travel to Putao is after breakfast and takes an hour for the arrival. Go and see a Lisu village in the evening, spending two hours of walking. Dinner and night stop will be at hotel at the end of the day.

Day14. Putao
After morning sightseeing in the village and breakfast, proceed to Machanbaw by jeep during the extra day in Putao. Taking photographs, in the evening, on the suspension bridge, with the name of the village Mularshide, over Mula River will make enjoyable pleasure into existence. Mularshide Lizu village, the biggest Lizu village which is the first to be initiated of Christianity in northern Myanmar. The first church of Putao and Sunday school of Rev. J. R. Morse in the village is included in the tour highlights. Taking photographs on the suspension bridge with the name of the village Mularshide will make enjoyable pleasure into existence. In the evening, strolling around the town and capturing sunset at Sutaungpyi Pagoda are also the essence of the day tour line up.

Day 15. Departure to Yangon
After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight. You can flight back to Yangon via Myinkyina and Mandalay .


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