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March, May, Sept, Nov, Dec 2006 ** MMG-Kids & Teens SUMMER CAMP
Our Program:

Some example of the activities in our camp include basic first aids skills, teamwork games, mini eco- challenge, mini treasure hunt, mind challenge games, fauna & flora conservation, personal & scientific creativity projects and many other…
Program : MMG-Kids SUMMER CAMP  indicate age from 7 to 12
  MMG-Teens SUMMER CAMP  indicate age from 12 and above.
  "New Adventure, New Experience, New Discovery, New Life"
Venue : Port Dickson, Janda Baik, Bentong, Langkawi, Pangkor, Kluang, Hulu Langat, Tampin, Kuala Kubu Bahru,
Cost : RM 180 - 320 (per-person) Depends on location - covers from -
  All activities, (Transport - (Return), Accommodation- Tents, Full Nutrition Meals Board (Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper), Personal Group Insurance - ING Insurance, Full Guidance with well-trained facilitators to accompany your kids, First Aid and Standby medical facilities & Safety Equipments
Date : 11 - 13 Mar / 03 - 06 Jun / 19 - 21 Aug / 04 - 07 Dec / 27 - 29 Dec
Time : 8 am (Check-In) Day 1
2 pm (Check-Out) Day 3

MMG SUMMER CAMP, also focuses on providing safe activities and developing a community of respect where each individual can feel comfortable that he or she will be accepted as an important member of the community. We have qualified instructors, excellent equipment and thorough safety standards to provide the best possible activity instruction in the safest environment.

A community of fun and friendship

Every summer a magical experience takes place as old friends and new come together to form our camp community. This is the highlight of most children experience. We respect individual differences and promote a fun-filled cooperative spirit where everyone can feel at home. We find this thing called "fun and laughter" a contagious condition that takes control of the camp on a regular basis.

Working together

Everyone is expected to give, as well as receive, at camp. As staff and children join together to take on some of camp's responsibilities it takes us beyond being that of participant and creates this 'home away from home', this summer community. Example like, Helping set the table before dinner, tending to the recycling center, or doing an excellent cabin clean-up after breakfast helps define our important place in the camp community.

Community meeting

Each evening after dinner children gather for our Community Meeting. It's a time to thank people who have done something helpful, interesting, or otherwise in keeping with camp values and to talk about friendship, respect, trust, communication, responsibility and more. Children and staff members are encouraged to share stories, songs, or other experiences that reinforce the theme of community or reveal talents


MMG SUMMER CAMP campsite is nestled on 100 acres in the beautiful kampong village environments. Surrounded by tropical rainforest and waterfalls around, it offers unparalleled beauty and an abundance of recreational opportunities.


Together we live, learn and play in the great outdoors. We provide wonderful opportunities to create friendships. Together we share in our achievements, help each other be our best and make lasting memories.


A summer with MMG SUMMER CAMP is an opportunity to leave your familiar routines behind and explore the outdoor world in ways so few people get the time to do. It's about gaining new insights about yourself and the world around you as you glide through the air on the zip line, trim your sail on the lake or perform a funny skit around the campfire.


From white water rafting to hands-on discoveries in stream ecology MMG SUMMER CAMP offers a wide variety of activities designed to be different and fun. New friends and old join together for an awesome summer experience.


Whether it's developing a talent, discovering a new ability, conquering a fear, learning a better way to deal with difficulties or meeting new friends - MMG SUMMER CAMP is about creating a new way of looking at your children and kids relationship to the world.

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