Silk Road Adventure Trip
背包- 丝绸之旅+ 西安华山***  
Mountain Goal Adventure Consultant journeys are designed for travelers who enjoy the freedom and flexibility 
of independent travel but like to take advantage of the benefits of traveling in a small group.
Each journey is carefully structured to ensure flexibility and a comfortable travel pace with time to explore, 
relax and enjoy the regions you are visiting.
Places of Particular interest in China, SilkRoad 
Day Time Place 
Day 1 00.50am KLIA
6.00am Beijing Airport *** Subject to change
8.00am  Beijing - Urumuqi *** Subject to changes
4.30pm 住红山公园附近的宾 馆 twin sharing
 游红山公园, Entrance 
Cable car 
  晚餐 - 巴扎(night market - 新疆维吾尔族- 串烧,手抓羊肉饭
Day 2 7.00am 出发参观-  新疆博物院
10.30am 出发 - 天山,天池,住哈沙克包20,有Karaoke 车 + 导游
**** Sunset  可乘船或走路到西王母苗,约30分。
晚餐 - 烤全羊,吃囊饼 = 780元,磨菇40元
Day 3  7.00am  **** Sunrise 早餐- 稀饭,囊饼 烤全羊,囊饼, 稀饭
8.30am 骑马游天山,天池,登灯杆山 买天山血莲
10.00am 游天池 5元&-10元
12.00am 离开天山by local lorry, cable car 到山脚,风景优美。
4.30pm 住红山公园附近的宾 馆 twin sharing
7.30pm 晚餐 - 巴扎(night marke - 新疆维吾尔族- 串烧,手抓羊肉饭 清真食物
Day 4 8.00am 吐鲁番一日游
10am-12.35pm 苏公塔, 坎儿井,葡萄沟,火焰山,万佛洞,
3.00pm 高昌故城 
  (682km@7hr)火车乌鲁木齐 -柳 园离敦煌30mint
Day 5 7.30am 柳园bus to 敦煌市
12.30pm 千佛洞 大漠风沙鸡,驼掌,驼峰
3.00pm 坐骆驼到月牙泉看日落then 看舞乐表演
5.00pm 鸣沙山 租脚车3-5元or走路
7.00pm 晚餐 - 火锅
敦煌石窟 • 莫高窟  - 不能带相机,手电筒可自备! 纪念品-小骆驼
Day 6 玉门关
雅丹地貌- 魔鬼城
汉长城, 西千佛洞,敦煌故城,仿宋沙州城 dinner at 沙州市场 than back to hotel 
敦煌坐bus-卧睡 - 嘉峪关
Day 7 5.30am 嘉峪关 - 长城第一墩看日出- 好冷几度,需带厚衣!
7.00am 悬壁长城-天下第一雄关
火车 -- 兰州
Day 8 七一冰川4300M- 3hr 从嘉峪-离city最近的冰川 需要徒步一段路
1030pm火车 -- 兰州
Day 9 西宁- 塔尔寺-六大喇嘛寺之一
Day 10 兰州 • 黄河母亲塑像,黄河第一桥  可买小葫芦,兰州特产
坐羊皮伐子到黄河第一桥 兰州市-拉面
shopping, dinner at 夜市,火车卧铺 --天水
Day 11 天水 @刘家峡-炳灵寺 国家级重点风景名胜AAAA
火车8.45pm-6.14am 西安
Day 12 6.14am 西安- 西安小吃,豆浆油条
 鸿门宴遗址,陵地下宫殿展览馆 刷羊肉,火锅
Day 13 西安临潼博物馆,大雁塔,钟楼,回民一条街shopping & eat 有一中国清真寺庙,很特别!
古城墙 (at night)  Shopping & dinner
Day 14 早上租车到山脚乘缆车 -- 华山
Day 15 西安机场 -- KLIA *** Subject to change
1. This is a demanding, overland travel trip, which is suitable for the adventure & backpack interested traveller.
2. MMG will giving advise & briefing for travel equipment neccessary to bring.
3. Cost - Depend on number of participants.
4. Once payment is making only refund 50% of the deposit.
5. Minimum of people to join is 8 people.  
6. This trip is more particularly on XPDC & Backpack Style.
7. Time schedule are flexible as follow MMG guidance.
Cost Included
1. China Visa application fees is include for the trip.
2. First aid MMG will prepare
3. Air Ticket from KLIA - Beijing - Urumuqi and Xi Ann -- KLIA *** Subject to change
4. Accommodations in shared dormitories, hotel, guest house or train on occassion
5. Transportation van, bus and train.
5. Chinese speaking trained government licensed holder speaker for certain tours
6. Entrance fees for sightseeing, excluding for certain extra specific entrance like cave.
7. Your personal insurance
MMG Services Exclusive:
1. Personal expenses (e.g. phone calls, laundry, alcohol, soft drinks, bottled water, souvenirs, etc.)
2. Equipment
3. Excess baggage charges
4. Tips for the staffs because this is the sign of the guest happiness at the end of the trip it has been establish a custom say "Baksis
5. Any loss due to unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays, road blockage due to landslide, Etc.
6. Travel, trek and expedition medical and evacuation insurance
7. Emergency evacuation charges, if required
8. Donation, Food on occcasion
Important Note:-
Every effort will be made to keep to the above schedule, but as this is Adventure Backpack expedition in a remote mountain region, we cannot guarantee it.
 Weather conditions, road slides, avalanches, public strikes, natural changes of walking track, vehicle breakdowns and the health of fellow travelers 
can all contribute to changes. We will try to ensure that the trip runs according to schedule.
Included Highlights: DUNHUANG
XINJIANG AUTONOMOUS REQION Mogao Grottoes – Mogao Cave Temples  莫高窟
URUMQI Echoing Sand Mountain                          月牙泉
Tianchi Lake       Crescent Lake                                       鸣沙山
Turpan -     Ancient City of Gaochang     高昌故城 Western Thousand Buddha Cave             西千佛洞
      -          Flaming Mountains               火焰山
      -          Grape Valley                       葡萄沟
      -          Karez System                     坎儿井
      -          Xinjiang Regional Musseum  新疆古尸博物院
First Beacon Tower                                玉门关 LANZHOU
The First Fire Tower of the Great Wall      长城第一关 White Pagoda Hill                                  白塔山
Overhanging Great Wall                          八达岭- 悬城 First Bridge Over the Yellow River
Jiayuguan Pass                                     嘉峪关
Underground Gallery – Brick Murals of Wei & Jin Dynasty             魏晋古坟 TIANSHUI
7th Glacier                                            七一冰川 Manjishan Grottoes                                麦积山
Goose Pagodas (Dayanta)                      大雁塔
Bell & Drum Towers                               钟鼓楼
City Wall (South)                                   南城门
Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors & Horses     
Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang
Shaansi Provincial History Museum