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Some overview from MMG Rock Climbing Team
We have started rock climbing around 3 years ago. MMG Rock Climbing Team is a subset from MMG. Rock Climbing is a sport that basically need your strong mentality and your physicality to reach the anchor. Is very interesting sport!
Yes ! Here we have it near Kuala Lumpur Area ! Batu Cave somewhere between Gombak, Kepong and Selayang, where you can see high limestone cliff from 10 meter to 150meter tall. You can see extremem climbers hanging with they fingertips -what a brave souls of this extremesport people for the another challenge! The most important rule to rock climbing is the communication between the climber and the partner. The partners will be the climber's safety line. So bring a buddy with you for the climb cos your life will be in his or her hands
MMG Rock Climbing Team, Want to find them? How? Want to Join them? Where?
You can find us at .................Batu Cave ! specially at Nyamuk Wall, White Wall and Damail Wall. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm
or ..............at Summit Rock Climbing Gym, Summit USJ, every Tuesday and Thursday 5pm to 9pm.
or..............e-mail us at goalus@mymountaingoal.com.
Want to know them more? Who? No lar...just a little bit info about them....
Bird From our Big Si Fu (Big Master)
He know also as " Bird ", Very experience climber in rock climbing ! He give us alot of tips, techniques, and motivation ! He like natural rock ! When bird around, everyone will climb well.
Thong Small Master- Thong Wah (Athong)
He know also as "Athong or superman", he scare jump from high place. He can do Tai-chi, yoga and meditation on the rock ! He like to "Paksa" people to climb !
Mountain Choo Our member, base at Johor Bahru. He's girl friend is Dairy Farm Rock Climbing Area ! He is a photographer and a newspaper writer. He have produce alot of article about mountaineering, hiking and rock climbing.
Group Photo at Krabi Island, Thailand From Left, Av (Don't hold the small rock ahh !!! ), Ev De Evil (Wait I try first...), Enter The Dragon Loong (Shit ! lar.. YES !), Thien Chai (style and very damm steady he climb), Mr Pak (Want to drink or eat? I do for u ), Min Hua (opss..my finger..dont wan to climb liao),

From Left Bottom, James (very 4896 lar), Atek (our guide book), AThong (our Sherpa! ), KaiYee (no time lar, how to climb?)

CJ or CopyCat (I must climb better, got leng mui down there watch me !!!! Happening MAN!!!) he scared rock....something only !
Peng Meng Our member, base at Singapore ( going to come back soon)- so Syok !
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