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in Gua Musang
  Rock Climb Place - Tebung

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  Ohhh! dont forget about others climbing area around Malaysia, we have (only for outdoor) :  
Selangor Batu Caves, Taman Bolton (Damai Wall, Nyamuk Wall, RedRock, Bolton Wall)
  Bukit Takun (a place for traditional climbing.)
Air Papan Beach, Mersing (just for bourdering)
Negeri Sembilan Gemas Rock Face, Gemas Town and Tebong Bouldering (From 5C to 6b)
Pahang Dragon Horn, Mukut Pulau Tioman (Big Walls)
Kelantan Ethnobotanic Garden, Gua Musang (very good facility over here chalet, dormitory and etc. From 5b to 8a)
Kedah Gunung Kerbau and Keriang at Alor Ster ( No info on the place yet)
Penang Jesselton Heights - Granite Rock ( 5c to 7a)
Perak Gua Cheroh, Ipoh (No info on the place yet)
Perlis Gua Kelam, Padan Besar (No info on the place yet)
Sabah Laban Rata, Gunung Kinabalu (No info on the place yet)
Opps..... we still have our nearest neighbour countries like at Thailand - Krabi,
and Singapore - Dairy Farm (Going to close soon by Sing Gov)
Batu Caves Damai Wall

Damai Wall is the biggest single crag in the Batu Caves area and the perfect haven for new climbers aspiring for their first experience climbing natural rock. Dozens of easy routes of grade French 6A and easier are stacked side by side across the entire face of the wall. The base of the wall has been landscaped and filled with sand to facilitate climbing.The wall is also at ground level - a dozen steps away from the parking lot. The area even has shelters and toilet facilities!


The lower limestone here is porous and irregular with plenty of jugs on a fairy vertical wall, making it very friendly to the new climber. The upper section of the wall has clean and smooth limestone. Harder routes of grade 6C and above can be found on the 2nd or 3rd pitches and makes for challenging multi-pitch climbs for more seasoned climbers. The steeper and cleaner upper section holds a lot of potential for serious climbers.

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  Damai Wall Entry  
Damai Rock Climb Wall
Climber - Mr. James
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