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Mountain Goal Adevnture Activities:-

1. Mountaineering

2. Waterfall.

3. Rock Climbing.

4. Caving

5. Teambuilding.

6. Scuba Diving.

7. Water Rafting.



Mt. Phongun, 3000 m , Putao, Kachin State

Day 1. Arrival Putao
On arrival at Putao by the early morning flight transfer to hotel by jeep. After lunch at restaurant, have a sound visit to a village nearby, and there meet our hiking group to prepare for our long trekking and hiking to Mt. Phangran, 4127 m above sea level, 55 miles from Putao placed on the border of Myanmar and India, in the late afternoon. Evening tour includes a vacation to a village before enjoyable dinner at Putao.

Day 2. Putao ~Shangaung ~ Warsandan village
To upper Shankhaung village – need approximately an hour for 10 miles – proceed by jeep after a visit to the morning market. The trek in the forested mountain, for about 7 hours, is commenced at the village over Mt. Shangaung (4600 ft). Warsandan Village, a small village placed on the bank of Namlan River, is the end point of the day trekking program, also good for night stop, and there catch the enjoyable feeling of sunset.

Day 3. Wasandan village ~ Ziyar village
Start the morning tour program with the 5 hour long trekking for 9 miles to get to the destination Ziyadum Village, which is situated about 1500 m above sea level. Easy trek on the flat route in the forest along the Namlang creek first reaches Awadum Lizu Village after lunch on the way. The next village is Ziyardum Village, the last Rawan village in the north-west of Putao, positioned on the bank of Ziyar River among the surrounding of the ever green forest. Take photos along the river while enjoying sunset.

Day 4. Ziyar ~ Chaungzone camp ~ Thitpingyi
It is the trek that the first half the six hour journey is spent in the ever green bamboo forest after breakfast. On the way there is a camp named Chaungzone camp where enjoy lunch before we get to Phangran Creek. The arrival at Thitpingyi camp, the destination for the day program, is in the evening.

Day 5. Thitpingyi camp ~ Khan Thauk Myint camp
Start with the trek in the evergreen forest, spending for about six hours, feeling the topography of pine forest. Stop at the target of the day, Khan Thauk Myint camp positioned about 2500 m above sea level.

Day 6. Khan Thauk Myint camp ~ Snowline camp
The march along the mountain is hard and yet with a sense of touch of famous colorful Rhododendron flower it is pleasurable till the destination Snowline camp. There making the base camp, have relaxing dinner as well as night stay.

Day 7. Snowline ~ Summit ~ Snowline
Under the warmth of the rising sun, commence hiking to the summit of Mt. Phongun, about 3000 m above sea level, that is full of snow along the way which it is necessary to take about 3 hours, and capture the opportunity for photographs by the time of being at the top. Pleased of tea time at the peak, and after that leave for the snowline camp. The prettiness of the nature at the base camp is good to feel and that actually is among the pine forest.

Day 8. Snowline ~ Khanthaukmyint camp
Enjoy the downward trekking to Khanthaukmyint camp, which is about five-hour-hiking, after breakfast. The arrival in the evening is the time to seize relaxing dinner and night stay.

Day 9. Khanthaukmyint camp ~ Thitpingyi camp
Also an easy trek along the downward trend, taking about 5 hours, with the cool air breath of the pine forest on the hill. Make the night stop at Thitpingyi camp again.

Day 10. Thitpyingyi camp ~ Ziyar village
Despite the three hours of duration, it is the easiest of the whole tour program, which is along the down trail to Chaunzone camp. After lunch, another painless walk to Ziyar village in the bamboo forest and the arrival will be in the late afternoon. Spend the time without full of care in the beautiful Ziyar River whilst seeing the ways of life of the Rawan people as well as capturing sunset.

Day 11. Ziyadum - Kharlan - Wasundum
Acquire pleasure from the easy trek as well as the photo stops after commencing your walk toward the destined Kharlan Village, a small and pleasant Rawan village having the background of the dense forested mountain. The enjoyable experience will be continued by the time of crossing a small traditional rattan suspension bridge, whilst back from the village, observing the nature and culture of it. Lunch at Awadun Lizu village and arrive at Wasundum Village in the evening to grasp the pleasant moment of sunset at Nantu River.

Day 12. Wasundum - Shangaung - Putao
Taking lunch box, trekking up again to the top of Mt. Shangaung, 1600m above sea level, introduces the morning with a touch of the splendor of the nature. We will be in Shangaung village, one of the biggest villages in the vicinity of Putao with about 2000 villagers, mainly Rawans and Lizus, again after 12 mile trek. Evening sightseeing around the village is to contact their cultures. And then proceed to Putao by jeep for dinner and night stop for relaxation.

Day 13. Putao- Kaungmulone Pagoda
Commence with the visit to colorful morning market to detect the way of life of the different tribes in northern Myanmar which can be recorded by photos. The breakfast is followed by the trip of one hour distance to Htawadan Village, 12 miles far away from Putao, by jeep. The jeep riding is ended on the bank of Malikha River, one of the famous small rivers of great Ayeyarwaddy, and to get to the other side is by a small boat. The onward trekking is started there. Sightseeing on the way: Kaungmulone Pagoda, with the age of over 2000 years on the eastern bank of the small river, and unusual spirit images around the stupa. Another 5 mile walk is to a very green and carpet-like clean village named Nankhan Village. Go and see Rawan, Lizu and Shan villages on the way. Evening leisurely, proceed back to Putao. Dinner and night stop are at Putao.

Day 14. Putao ~ Mularshide village ~ Putao
After morning sightseeing in the village and breakfast, prepare for the continuity to Mularshide Lizu village, the biggest Lizu village which is the first to be initiated of Christianity in northern Myanmar. The first church of Putao and Sunday school of Rev. J. R. Morse in the village is included in the tour highlights. Taking photographs on the suspension bridge with the name of the village Mularshide will make enjoyable pleasure into existence. The evening strolling around the town and capturing sunset at Sutaungpyi Pagoda on the mountain are also the essence of the day tour line up.

Day 15. Putao , Dep
Enjoy seeing the colorful market under the rising sun in the dense mist. Take a good chance for local breakfast, such as trying snacks and noodle, at a small restaurant in the market before flight back from Putao.


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